Psyduck, Golduck

We all know these two’s ironic names.

The first three letters prob’ly should be swapped.

But NAY I say, for Psyduck’s claim to fame

Explains why P-S-Y should not be dropped.


Why should Golduck be given P-S-Y?

Both Pokemon are mono water types.

He learns a few more psychic moves. That’s why?

If that’s the only reason, I’ve some gripes.


Though Golduck has more psy-abilities

Psyduck’s is more important in the ‘verse.

If Psyduck’s ever angry, stressed or teased

He strikes with psychic energy that’s worse.


For Psyduck’s headache will someday explode

And then he goes full Psy-Psychotic mode.

Meowth, Persian

The only Pokemon that speaks English.

Or Japanese… or Spanish, or who knows.

And if I had one simple little wish

I’d not give that gift to his friends nor foes.


To speak English, other P-mon cannot. 

That is unless you count the great Mewtwo,

And Arceus, and Shaymin, and Chatot,

And Lugia, and Lucario, too.


And Hoopa, and the Rotom Pokedex,

And Pikachu’s one line from “I Choose You”.

And Mewtwo’s army of the Genesects,

And don’t forget Detective Pikachu.


Meowth is special. He’s the only one.

(Plus Entei, and Darkrai, and Volcanion.)

Diglett, Dugtrio

An age-old question, mys’try since red/blue.

The answer’s in no Pokedex or book.

A question that Oak has no answers to:

How does the bottom of a Diglett look?


Some people say he has a human bod.

A ground-type Pokemon with rock-hard pex.

Some say it’s just more round, cylindric rod.

Since ‘95, we all have been perplexed.


And still, we’re puzzled by his evolved form.

Is it just two more Digletts. I don’t know.

It could regrow its heads, much like a worm.

But if that’s true, where would the new heads grow?


Among legends like Mewtwo and Zapdos

More mystery surrounds my digging bros.

Venonat, Venomoth

Nobody ever uses Venonat.

And that’s completely understandable.

With big bead eyes and the snout of a rat

It looks like a fat deer-tick cannibal.


But here for you’s my question of the day.

What is Venonat supposed to be?

The dex says “Insect Pokemon”… okay.

It’s vague. At least the “venom moth’s” easy.


What kind of insect? This I’d like to know.

But I’m okay with ignorance, it’s bliss.

Because do I care about V-Nat? No.

Honestly, I don’t care about this.


Where has the quality of these things gone?

(I’m talking ‘bout sonnets, not Pokemon).

Paras, Parasect

Ah, Paris, it’s the big city of love.

It’s beautiful with places like the Louvre.

It’s elegant. It’s graceful, like a dove.

And the food just makes me want to   g r o o v e .


But Paras, on the other hand, is wack.

An icky, slimy, bug with big sharp claws.

And Parasect’s mushroom consumes his back.

I bet he’s broken forty-seven laws.


They’re creepy-crawly poisonous lil’ twits.

I’m sure that Parasect wants me to die.

His empty cold dead eyes are worse than slits.

Although he’s fungi, he is no fun guy.


These horrid mushroom creatures scare me straight.

(And also while in battle, they’re not great.

Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom

We’ve finally reached our first tree of four

(Although, Gen 1 goes just to Vileplume)

But then, one gen later, they gave more

To those lines of the plants Oddish and Gloom.


All four of these have powers of the plants

And also poison, ‘cept for Bellossom

And all four’s skinny legs can’t hold up pants

But all four in the Quadro are awesome.


Oddish, Bellossom, Vileplume: all glad.

But there is one unhappy one among.

For Gloom is doomed to room a tomb of sad

Tomorrow’s sorrow’s gone; and a song’s sung.


Gloom springs to life when fin’lly he evolves

And this his gloomy problem has been solved.

Zubat, Golbat, Crobat

“Dear Trainers, I am now inviting you

To birthday party in Connecting Cave.

Now catch and train me up to level 2.

And trust me, this party will be a rave.”


Those foolish trainers trusting “wholesome” notes

Unknowingly they tread into the nest

Of Zubats but without an antidote.

The bats, they keep on coming, there’s no rest.


Our research team sent six guys to explore

And count the Zubats, then bring some stats.

One said “there’s over three thousand and four”.

The other five are still encount’ring bats.


A Crobat is an unreachable end.

Impossible for these to be your friend.

Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff

Alright, so first, we have to set some rules:

Jigg-ly-puff is three syllables long.

That’s what all my sources say, you fools.

So don’t go tryna tell me that I’m wrong.


Now, Jigglypuff is really popular.

The other two, well, fame is not their thing.

He draws on people’s face with markers

And has a song he really likes to sing.


Those lyrics are his name… with syll’bles four.

But for four syll’bles, that’s the only source…

The Super Smash announcer makes it more

Than just one source, which makes my excuse worse…


Another three syll’ble source I can’t find!

I must be wrong, or have I lost my mind?

Vulpix, Ninetales

A one, a two, a three, four, five, and six.

Those numbered tails of a foxy dame.

A lit’ral fox who’s witty and plays tricks:

It’s Vulpix! Fox with powers of the flame.

– – – – – –

Amidst your run with Vulpix on your team

If thou doth gift a red and shiny stone

Your foxy friend aglows a bright white gleam

And soon, a larger beast takes up its throne.

– – – – – –

Ninetales: the flaming fox with tails of many more.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

You know this beast has three tails extra for

You can just count the tails in its design.

– – – – – –

Now hot and fluffy foxes are quite nice,

Yet in Hawaii, they’re made out of ice????

Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable

Atop one of the highest Kanto peaks

There lives a species who have never left.

Now some may call them “monsters”, and some “freaks”

But they’re a group with prefixes all Clef’d.

Clefairy, Cleffa, and Clefable, three.

They thrive and they survive up on Mount. Moon.

Give Clefairy a moon stone and he’ll be

A big, wacky, Clefable very soon.

Now these are pink, not green like cucumber.

Their horns are pointy and their claws are rough.

And although they’ve the lower dex number

They really are the knock-off jigg’lypuff.

Fun Fact: At first Clefairy did intend

To be Ash Ketchum’s partner and best friend.